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Good afternoon CMPA,

As our Legislative Committee Chair wrote in the March Newsletter, the CMPA is actively opposing Assembly Bill 1082 and we are calling on you to do the same. If passed, this bill would remove the authority of parking programs throughout California to immobilize and remove vehicles due to delinquent parking citations, delay DMV collection of unpaid citations until at least 6 delinquent citations have accrued, reduce the fees and fines of those enrolled in indigent payment plans to a maximum of $600, require the creation of a non-indigent payment plan, and forbid enrollment deadlines for either plans.

From a safety perspective, it’s a bad bill. From a business perspective, it can promote an even greater fee-evasion culture so as to put all our budgets at risk—not to mention the many sustainability efforts that are funded specifically by parking fines. From a personal finance perspective, it sets people up for financial time-bombs when vehicle registration comes due. And on, and on.

Below, you’ll find instructions detailing how to submit a position letter as well as a link to a form letter developed by the CMPA. Edit just the necessary fields or make it your own, but no matter what speak up for your organization and industry.

To submit a position letter to be included in the Committee analysis please do the following:

  1. Download and edit letter template by adding your agency name, the correct date, letterhead/logo, and signature. Click Here to AB1082 Opposition Letter Template
  2. Go to . This is the California Legislative Position Portal Website.
  3. Create an account, if you do not have one already.
  4. Once you are signed in, click on "submit a letter" on the top left of the page.
  5. The next page will ask which measure you're weighing in on. In this case, it would be “AB 1082 (Kalra)”.
  6. Once the page opens identifying the correct bill (AB 1082), it will ask you to "select client".
  7. At this point, find your agency or company name in the list of available options.  If it does not appear, you can create it at this time.
  8. Next is the "select recipients" step. It should be auto-filled with the correct Committee and Author's staff checked. It will ask you to proceed to the "select file" box, which is your pre-saved letter.
  9. It will ask you to name the letter, which you can call "AB 1082 oppose", click the "oppose" option and hit continue.
  10. It will allow you to "review". If everything looks good, submit.
  11. The system should inform you that the submission was successful.

As a service to its members the CMPA retains a lobbyist in Sacramento. The legislative committee of the CMPA monitors ongoing legislation related to parking. Based upon the interests of its members the CMPA will take a position supporting or opposing pending legislation, and often recommends changes to pending legislation.
You may send an email to our CMPA Legislative Chair at Legislation Committee

Please go to the Legislation section of the Resources page on your Info Hub for the most recent updates.

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