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Code of Ethics

The members of the California Mobility & Parking Association recognize their responsibilities to the people, desire to inspire public confidence and respect for government, and believe that honesty, integrity, loyalty, justice and courtesy form the basis of ethical conduct.


  1. Uphold the constitution, laws and regulations of their country and all other applicable units of government.
  2. Put public interest above individual, group, or special interest and consider their occupation an opportunity to serve society.
  3. Recognize that government service is a public trust that imposes responsibility to conserve public resources, funds and materials.
  4. Recognize that political (policy) decisions are the responsibility of the people’s elected representatives, but that identification and communication of technical and administrative alternatives are the responsibilities of parking managers, traffic engineers and other administrators.
  5. Never offer, give, nor accept gifts, favors, or service that might tend to influence them in discharge of their duties.
  6. Never use their position to secure advantage or favor for themselves, their family or friends.
  7. Never disclose confidential information gained by reason of their position, nor use such information for personal gain.
  8. Never make recommendations while employed by a public agency, or on any matter that involves a business in which they have a direct or indirect financial interest.
  9. Never engage in supplemental employment, business or professional activity which impairs the efficiency of their services; or while employed by a public agency become involved in work which could come before their agency for review or inspection.
  10. Recognize that it is not in the public interest for officials of public agencies to select and retain professional services on the basis of price alone and that consideration must also be given to experience, technical expertise, availability, and other qualifications.
  11. Do not attempt, either falsely or maliciously, to injure the reputation, business or employment of any individual.
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